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Trading Lesson



No one is 100% accurate in trading even the best analysts have an accuracy rate of around 65-75%. You don't need to be 100% accurate to be profitable in trading. Sometimes the market plays against you and goes in another direction than you expected. This doesn't mean that the indicators or patterns you are using are worthless and you can't take trade using them in the future. Patterns and indicators give possible moves of the market. This is the reason we have money management and risk-reward management strategies.

Those claiming 100% accuracy are just noobies and just selling their paid/premium memberships. Don't blindly follow anyone in trading.
Keep Learning, Keep EarningšŸ˜Š


Rules to Keep in mind as a traderšŸ’™

1. Make a plan
2. Work on the plan
3. Ladder profits out
4. Don't worry about timing a top
5. Fight the urge to go back in
6. Be self-aware of your greed
8. Buy Red Sell Green
9. Learn from mistakes
10. Repeat the process
It'll become part of you