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Ethereum 2.0 NFT Drop For KILN Testnet Users


The Ethereum Network is advancing towards The Merge and has begun testing this upgrade, therefore in order to generate interest in The Ethereum Merge Testing, developers have initiated an NFT drop for the Testers.

What exactly is TestingTheMerge?
The Ethereum Community Initiative TestingTheMerge was founded by Marius van der Wijden and Parithosh Jayanthi to test The Merge. As the Ethereum Network approaches The Merge, developers are utilizing new testing infrastructure to assess network functionality and efficiency, and this tag was developed to spark testers' interest in testing.

How can you take part in this NFT drop?
This can be done by performing one or more transactions, deploying one or more contracts, or becoming a validator on Kiln. Use the Kiln network to earn rewards. Snapshot of contributors are already with the team. Any new contributor may or may not receive an NFT for testing, but if you are a developer or want to use the Ethereum network after the Merge, it is definitely an experiment to try.

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