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Answer To: How do I learn about blockchain and cyber security in general from the scratch


Over the last few years, blockchain technology has caught the interest of the global corporate world, due to its rapid growth and enormous potential for innovation in a wide range of industries, including entertainment, healthcare, government, retail, and more. The technology's applications are nearly limitless, as it provides a completely new manner of storing and transmitting data while also making it easier to maintain security and cut expenses. We will discuss basic blockchain security in this post, so you'll have a better understanding of how it works, a comparison between blockchain and traditional security, and lastly, I will recommend a course to learn about blockchain & blockchain security. 

Basic Blockchain Security

Blockchain is a distributed ledger technology that aims to establish a system that is both free and secure. All information is disseminated across a network of computer systems in the blockchain. Anyone with access to the data can see it. Blockchain security employs assurance services and cybersecurity frameworks to protect a blockchain network from cyber threats. For inherent security, blockchain technology is built on encryption, consensus, and decentralization principles. Every block, as we know, contains some information and relates to the previous block. The consensus process validates all transactions and makes them transparent and immutable. As a result, failure is pointless.

Blockchain Security Vs Standard Cyber Security 


Infographic by Blockchain Training Alliance

Useful Resources

This is a free 90-minute overview course on blockchain technology - the perfect place for beginners to start.

This course is designed to cover in-depth security best practices, known attack vectors, threat identification, response techniques, and more about blockchain.

Blockchain Training Alliance